New support for The Benefit of Doubt

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Two new personnel have joined the crew of The Benefit of Doubt as post-production work continues with the film.

Francisco Janes, an artist and filmmaker currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania, has come on board to carry out a sound mix for the film, while Oliver Campbell, a Beg Steal Borrow regular, has stepped in as an executive producer.

Francisco’s work has been exhibited internationally, including at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Human Resources, AT1 Projects and the Kristi Engle Gallery.

Reminiscent of the work of filmmaker James Benning, Francisco in particular has a wonderful eye for form and space, as can be seen at his website here.

And for a sample of Francisco’s work, here is untitled (Last Chance Range, Benton Way), which Beg Steal Borrow’s William Brown first saw as an installation at the Cinema Camp in Gelgaudiškis, Lithuania, in 2014.

Oliver, meanwhile, has helped out on various Beg Steal Borrow films, perhaps most notably Common Ground, in which he acted the part of the missing brother of lead character, Dennis (Dennis Chua).

We are delighted to have both Francisco and Oliver on board – and are very enthusiastic about being able soon to show The Benefit of Doubt to viewers.

So look out for more news on the film’s progress here!

About The Benefit of Doubt

The Benefit of Doubt tells the story of Ariadne (Hannah Croft), a woman who finds herself single after ten years in a relationship, and who is now in her mid-thirties unsure as to what to do with her life.


Hannah Croft as Ariadne in The Benefit of Doubt

Deciding to go on holiday to Nice, she drifts around before encountering Nick (Nick Marwick), an actor who has just taken, and who is about to start, a job teaching in order to supplement his attempts to break into the world of theatre and film.

Finally, she then also encounters Greg (Greg Rowe), a drifter who also finds himself in the south of France.

The three strike up an unlikely friendship as they walk around Nice discussing life, love and also their sense of doubt regarding their validity or worth in the world.

The film is inspired by the myth of Ariadne from Greek mythology. Having helped Theseus to defeat the minotaur by giving him a thread of wool, Theseus fulfils his promise to help her to escape from Crete and her tyrannical father, King Minos.

However, Theseus quickly abandons Ariadne on the shore of Naxos – leaving her alone and without support. Fortunately, Dionysus/Bacchus turns up and the two get married and have children.

And so, The Benefit of Doubt also features Nick and Greg as two aspects of Bacchus: one as the god whom most people do not consider to be a ‘true’ god (a struggling actor who is not recognised) and the other as a man of wine and the life Bacchanalean.

To be shot by Beg Steal Borrow stalwart Tom Maine, the film will draw upon both the numerous artworks and artists that are on display in or near Nice – from museums dedicated to Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and Pierre-Auguste Renoir to nearby places dedicated to art naïf, modern and contemporary art and, in St Paul de Vence, the Fondation Maeght – as well as upon other films.

For, The Benefit of Doubt certainly takes inspiration from Jean Vigo’s classic 1930 experimental documentary, À propos de Nice, as well as from films like Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Eric Rohmer’s Le rayon vert/The Green Ray, which sometimes is also referred to as Summer.

The film reunites various Beg Steal Borrow regulars, including director William Brown, cinematographer Tom Maine, actors Hannah Croft (En Attendant Godard), Nick Marwick (AfterimagesCommon GroundThe New Hope) and Greg Rowe (The New Hope), with Andrew Slater (Afterimages, Common Ground, The New Hope) helping on the production side of things, together with contributions from Annette Hartwell (The New Hope) and Lucia D. Williams (Common GroundThe New Hope).

The film will also feature some first-time contributions from Nice local Mark Hodge. And music-man David Miller (Common GroundUr: The End of Civilization in 90 TableauxThe New Hope) will be providing music for the score, together with original pieces by Amy Holt (who also did music for The New Hope and Circle/Line) and Alex Fixsen.

Filming is to take place in Nice between 1 and 9 October. Weather-permitting, we shall successfully finish what is Beg Steal Borrow’s ninth feature.

Common Ground and China: A User’s Manual Available for free online

China: A User's Manual (Films), Common Ground, Screenings

Fans of Beg Steal Borrow’s film will be pleased to know that we have made available for free both Common Ground and China: A User’s Manual (Films), two films that we completed in 2012.

The former played at FEST Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal, in 2013, as well as being selected for American Online Films Awards Spring Showcase 2014.

China: A User’s Manual, meanwhile, has had very few screenings, mainly because it is too smart for most audience to understand and thus is not really fit for selection in a lot of places. Smart, or boring. Whichever way you feel about the film, it likely says as much about you as it does about the film and its maker.

Either way, if you fancy watching either film (and in the case of China, there is black leader in between sections because the film is designed to be seen in small chunks), then please do!

Here are the links:

… and…

New screenings of Selfie and En Attendant Godard and a new music video for Extradition Order

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Three main things to report here!

1. Selfie will enjoy a preview screening at the Cinémathèque québecoise in Montréal on Saturday 28 March at 7pm. Entry is free and all are welcome, although space is limited at this preview screening.

2. Our lovely friends at FilmFest on TV will be showing En Attendant Godard again on Sunday 29 March at
9pm, as well on Saturday 4 April, also at 9pm.

3. Our video for Extradition Order’s ‘Boy in Uniform’ is about to go live, while we have also filmed a new video for their song ‘Love an Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’.

The Montréal screening of Selfie coincides with the annual Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference, which is taking place there between 24 and 29 March. Sequences from Selfie were filmed at the 2014 SCMS Conference in Seattle.

Meanwhile, the FilmFest on TV screenings of En Attendant Godard can be found on Freeview channel 8 or Virgin
Media 159 in the Brighton area or online across the world at

We shall announce in a separate article when ‘Boy in Uniform’ goes live – but the video is currently ready and we are awaiting word from the band’s label regarding when to let it loose.

Nonetheless, in the meantime, we recently shot a second video with the band, ‘Love an Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’, a song that is about Lyndon Baines Johnson’s misguided efforts to be Presidential Candidate for the Democrats in the 1960 American general election.

The video features the band dancing and performing in LBJ masks and will be edited over the coming weeks.

Drummer Radhika Aggarwal wears her LBJ mask during the shooting of 'Love an Eyesore (LBJ '60)' for Extradition Order.

Drummer Radhika Aggarwal wears her LBJ mask during the shooting of ‘Love an Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’ for Extradition Order.

In other news, En Attendant Godard recently enjoyed wonderful screenings with the Associazione Kilab at the CinemAvvenire in Rome, at B-Film at the University of Birmingham, and also as a film screened as part of the Film History & Criticism module that is taught to first-year undergraduates at the University of Roehampton, London.

Common Ground also enjoyed a recent screening as part of FilmFest at 8 on on 1 March.

We hope that further screenings for SelfieUr: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux and The New Hope will also take place in the next few months. Indeed, we are keeping our fingers crossed, and hope that the Like that Sheffield Doc/Fest recently gave to Selfie on Vimeo is something of a good omen.

Common Ground selected for American Online Film Awards Autumn Showcase

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After a successful run at the American Online Film Awards (AOFA) Spring Showcase in May, Common Ground has been invited to take part in the AOFA’s follow-up Autumn Showcase.

Common Ground is a contemporary film noir set against the backdrop of the economic crisis and Occupy. It tells the story of Dennis (Dennis Chua), a Guatemalan in London who goes looking for his missing brother – only to discover that his brother owes money all over town. Common Ground was shot for a mere £500 (or US$750).

The Showcase runs from 1 October to 14 October 2014. It features numerous films from all over the world. So if you have not yet had a chance to see Common Ground, do be sure to log in and to watch it at/on the Showcase when it starts.

Meanwhile, Common Ground star Musa Okwonga has just completed a two-part radio documentary for the BBC on the forthcoming football World Cup in Brazil – investigating how football was adopted and adapted by Brazilians. It is available via the BBC World Service here. In Common Ground, Musa plays Dennis’ boss.

Furthermore, Common Ground‘s Charlie Partridge, who plays an outspoken tramp, has just completed a new music video, ‘Change The World, Change Your Status’, with his comedy group, the Slacktivists. You can see it below and here.

These are simply the latest exploits of the Common Ground gang. As mentioned in previous posts, star Alex Chevasco has recently been selected for the Sundance Lab in the USA, while co-star Laura Murray will be performing Macbeth in the grounds of Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, England, over the summer.


Common Ground playing at American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase

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Beg Steal Borrow film Common Ground is playing right now at the American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase.

The festival opened on 1 May 2014 at 2pm UK time.Image


As per the above picture, the film is even *trending* as the festival reaches the close of its first day.

Common Ground is a contemporary film noir about a man, Dennis, who goes looking for his missing brother – only to inherit a whole bunch of problems he did not expect. Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis and Occupy, the film is also a love letter to London.

If you’d like to watch the film, please follow the link here.

Otherwise, fingers crossed that Common Ground gets some views, gets some fans, and maybe even qualifies for an award at the American Online Film Awards in New York at the end of the year!

Common Ground selected for American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase 2014

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We are delighted to announce that Common Ground has been selected for the 2014 version of the American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase.

The Showcase starts on 1 May 2014, and participation in the showcase means that Common Ground is eligible for the various awards handed out by the American Online Film Awards in New York at the end of the year.

Common Ground has been accepted into the American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase 2014.

Common Ground has been accepted into the American Online Film Awards Spring Showcase 2014.

Naturally, everyone at Beg Steal Borrow, and all those involved in the production, are immensely excited at the prospect of the film’s involvement.

More news hopefully will follow shortly!

Common Ground has screening in Preston

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Beg Steal Borrow’s third feature, Common Ground, has enjoyed a screening at the University of Central Lancashire in Preson.

Director William Brown was invited to introduce the film to various students and staff members at the university, in particular those studying a course on British cinema with Professor Ewa Mazierska.

William spoke about zero-budget filmmaking in contemporary Britain with an enthusiastic group of students, before holding the screening to a gathered audience of around 30 people.

Common Ground was screened at UCLan on 7 April 2014.

Common Ground was screened at UCLan on 7 April 2014.

William was delighted by the invitation – and considers it a real honour to be considered a filmmaker of sufficient significance (?!) to be a representative of contemporary British cinema – even if only of the possibilities that zero-budget filmmaking opens up for contemporary filmmaking in Britain.

The screening took place on 7 April 2014.

Beg Steal Borrow Films on Vimeo

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Beg Steal Borrow has added its first four features to Vimeo for viewers to watch for free.

Please go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and see our first four features for free!

Please go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and see our first four features for free!

Anyone who has had a chance, therefore, to catch En Attendant Godard, Afterimages, Common Ground or China: A User’s Manual (Films) is welcome to go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and to watch the films there.

Please pass on the word – and enjoy the films!





Ur Teaser Online Now!

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The first teaser for Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux is now online!

The teaser features music from the multi-talented Giles Hayter, one of The King’s Will (with Musa Okwonga), who also provided music for Common Ground in the form of their excellent track ‘The Swords Are Coming.’

Giles has also recently found great success in the guise of Professor Mathmo, and his pedagogical album, Professor Mathmo and the Voyage to the Times Tables.

William is happy to confess that the trailer was also inspired by the trailer for Jean-Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme (2010).

Check it out!

Meanwhile, work on Ur is ongoing – we are now deep into post-production – and are hoping to have the film ready for screening in the not-too-distant future!

Common Ground loses out at FEST

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Common Ground sadly missed out on prizes at FEST Film Festival 2013, where it was in competition for the Silver Castle.

However, regardless of the result, we know that the film was seen by Melissa Leo, the Oscar-winning actress from The Fighter (David O. Russell, USA, 2010), and by Cynthia Hargrave, the producer of Wes Anderson’s first film, Bottle Rocket (USA, 1996).

The winner for best fiction film at the festival was Finnish film, Miss Blue Jeans, directed by Matti Kinnunen.

A full list of winners from FEST can be found here.

We are of course honoured even to have taken part. And again: we defy any £500 film to do as well…!