As Miguel de Cervantes wrote a second part to Don Quixote, so must The New Hope 2 exist, since as The New Hope is an adaptation of the first part of Cervantes’ novel, so is the sequel an adaptation of the second.

Shot between London and Los Angeles in October and November 2019, The New Hope 2 continues to chart the adventures of a man who claims that he is the real Obi Wan Kennobi (Dennis Chua) and his portly sidekick Hadrian Gutt (Aleksander Krawec).

After defeating Ewan McGregor in single combat in the first part of the film, now Obi Wan must travel to Hollywood, the dark heart of cinema, in order to demonstrate that he is the true purveyor of the Jedi way.

Without a clue and without a hope, he encounters numerous people along the way, including American indy filmmaker Mike Ott’s fetish actor, Cory Zacharia, as well as encounters with Beg Steal Borrow regulars Alya Soliman, Colin Morgan and Radhika Aggarwal.

Witty, tender, and shot in a characteristically punk style on the streets of London and LA using a smartphone and a single shotgun mic, The New Hope 2 is forceful anti-cinema at its finest.