Beg Steal Borrow’s films have featured a number of actors, both amateur and professional, who have appeared in one or more production.

On this page, we introduce you to our regulars – people who’ve been in more than one film, while also name-dropping those future and present stars who have worked with us, even if only the one time (so far!).

(Note that the below list does not include Andrew Slater and William Brown, because while both have had small parts in more than one Beg Steal Borrow film, they have also been profiled in the Who We Are (Behind the Camera) section.)

So, without further ado, please meet…

Dennis Chua

(Afterimages, Common Ground, Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux, The New Hope)

Will has known Dennis since 1995, when they found themselves at university together. At the time, Will had ambitions already to make films – and Dennis made Will promise that he would put Dennis in one of those films when he got around to making them.

This did not happen until 15 years later, and perhaps Afterimages was not as glamourous as either Dennis or Will were hoping as far as being a big budget production is concerned. But it counts. And Will has wanted to work with Dennis and what many viewers have described as his “amazing face” ever since.

It is perhaps also worth noting that Dennis’ two children, Gabriel and Isabel, have also each taken part in two Beg Steal Borrow Films, those being Common Ground and The New Hope. No doubt their talent will surpass the considerable talent of their old man when they grow up!

Dennis is also too cool.

Dennis is also too cool.

Alex Chevasco

(En Attendant Godard, Common Ground, Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux)

Alex works for Incubeta Productions in New York, where he is a screenwriter – having also been selected recently for a Sundance screenwriters’ workshop .

He has authored various feature-length scripts that are seeking production, as well as some short, online films.

Once when the former head of MOMA turned up for a reading of one of Alex’s scripts in New York, she turned to him and said: “Hey, I recognise you. You’re that guy from that Godard movie.” Only Alex can be that cool.

Alex Chevasco is too cool

Alex Chevasco is too cool

Kristina Gren

(En Attendant Godard, Common GroundSelfie)

Kristina was a total hero in accepting to be in En Attendant Godard: she had known Will for some years, but not very well to be perfectly honest – and so his invitation probably came out of the blue, but she was game and so it went on from there…!

Kristina has for ages been into improv work, having monkeyed about with OCD (Oxford Comedy Deathmatch), and she was also recently in Timbre, a play based on the Greek myth of Philomele (woman raped by sister’s husband takes revenge, becomes nightingale), and which is being staged on Francis Drake’s ship, the Golden Hinde.

Danger, indeed!

Danger, indeed!

Nick Marwick

(Afterimages, Common Ground, The New Hope)

Nicksy, as he sometimes is called, used to be one of Will’s students, but then Will saw how Nick was basically the greatest footballer never to have been selected for a good standard club or for international duty – and decided to do something about that by putting him in films instead.

Nick has worked as a journalist – but currently works for a London-based production company. That said, Nick’s real ambition in life is to become a chat show host who has the E Street Band as his weekly musicians. On each show, Nick will sing a number with the band, perhaps doing a duet with each of his guests. Look forward to it.

Nick is dreaming of the E Street Band.

Nick is dreaming of the E Street Band.

Laura Murray

(Common Ground, Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux)

Laura is an actress who has been in numerous theatrical productions, including recently 26 performances as Claire Sutton in the immensely successful Yes, Prime Minister, directed by Jonathan Lynn. Fluent in French and German, Laura is also massively intelligent, and this is why she also writes. Look out for both her and her work in the near future!

Laura, too, is too cool. Will wishes he were that cool...

Laura, too, is too cool. Will wishes he were that cool…

Edward Chevasco

(Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 TableauxThe New Hope)

Edward is not only Alex Chevasco’s brother, but he is also a superb actor in his own right – and we hope that we’ll be able to work with him again after both Ur and The New Hope. We also hope that this mild-mannered gent also does some more writing – because we suspect that his talent is boundless.

Edward relaxing on the set of Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux. Photo by Tom Maine.

Edward relaxing on the set of Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux. Photo by Tom Maine.

Alastair Trevill

(Common Ground, The New Hope)

Alastair is a thesp of some experience, having acted in the TV series Silent Witness and the feature film Borges and I. He also teaches English at a leading school near London – and if he wasn’t then he downright should have been the inspiration for many a comedy writer since he is quite simply one of the funniest people we know.

Al looks quite serious in this photo. He means it.

Al looks quite serious in this photo. He means it.

Alastair Hird

(Common GroundThe New Hope)

By day Al works for Inamo, one of London’s hippest restaurants. But by night he not only acts in weird Beg Steal Borrow Films, but has in his time found himself taking part in all manner of strange works of performance art, while also being a writer.

Al Hird - apparently in Sweden.

Al Hird – apparently in Sweden.

Anne-Laure Berdugo

(En Attendant Godard, Common Ground, Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux)

Although you might miss her in Common Ground and Ur, Anne-Laure has in fact appeared in both films – as an office worker in the former and as a mysterious ice-skater in the latter. She also has a key role in En Attendant Godard as a prostitute/camera interviewee. But while not taking small but significant roles in Beg Steal Borrow films, Anne-Laure works as a lawyer in one of the world’s largest media corporations – one famous for its central rodent character with big round ears. See, we’re connect ed to the corporations, too, at Beg Steal Borrow.

Anne-Laure is hidden in Beg Steal Borrow films behind trees and the like. But she is there!

Anne-Laure is hidden in Beg Steal Borrow films behind trees and the like. But she is definitely there!

And the rest of the family…

And now we can name-drop some of those other people who have been in Beg Steal Borrow productions, because we are convinced that at some point in time, people will look back through the œuvre and they’ll spot an array of talent from one film to the next and they’ll ask: how come we never spotted the Beg Steal Borrow connection before?

For example, did you know that En Attendant Godard star Hannah Croft is one half of the hilarious duo Croft and Pearce? Hannah starred recently in Paolo Mitton’s debut feature, The Repairman, which was selected for the Raindance Film Festival 2013 and which is due for a general release in Italy in 2015, and she has written for CBeebies. She also has a brief appearance in Selfie. Beat that.

There are also wee cameos on the South Bank in that film from artist Chiara de Cabarrus and writer-director Benedict Morrison. And my favourite: former NASA physicist Barnaby Rowe plays guitar in the Bois de Boulogne…!

Afterimages features a bathroom designed by Gordon Anderson (of Lone Pigeon, and formerly of the Beta Band), as well as a performance by Gummi Bako who is closely associated with the cult Scottish indy label, the Fence Collective.

Meanwhile, Common Ground involves performances from poet and sports writer Musa Okwonga – as well as featuring music by The King’s Will, his band with artist and musician Giles Hayter. Giles, who also wrote music for Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux, is himself sometimes better known as Professor Mathmo, whose Voyage to the Times Tables has been a bestseller on Amazon.

Common Ground also features an unforgettable performance as a tramp from comedian Charlie Partridge of Robin & Partridge and Rebel Bingo fame.

Meanwhile, Ur stars up-and-coming leading lady Roseanna Frascona, of Dirty Dancing stage show fame, while The New Hope features a brief performance from young Scottish stage and screen star Lauren Lyle, who recently performed in The Crucible at the Old Vic. We also expect to hear in the future about New Hope actors Alexander Krawec and Millad Khonsorkh.

Selfie has cameos from all manner of people, including filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman, whose Taskafa, Stories from the Street was celebrated in 2014, with new film Estate, A Reverie surely due to do great things in 2015. If you blink, you might easily also miss New York newsreader Diane Reis and the great Spanish actress Eulalia Ramón. Actress Grace Ker is also in Selfie, with a more substantial role equally in The New Hope.

So there we go – our extended family extends pretty far and pretty wide. But really we are grateful to everyone who’s agreed and who in the future will agree to be in these films – especially the amateurs. Because it is they who make the movies, and all of those legends not named here but whose favours we have called in to get these films made… You know who you are (you’re named on the IMDb pages), and we salute you!