Common Ground and China: A User’s Manual Available for free online

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Fans of Beg Steal Borrow’s film will be pleased to know that we have made available for free both Common Ground and China: A User’s Manual (Films), two films that we completed in 2012.

The former played at FEST Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal, in 2013, as well as being selected for American Online Films Awards Spring Showcase 2014.

China: A User’s Manual, meanwhile, has had very few screenings, mainly because it is too smart for most audience to understand and thus is not really fit for selection in a lot of places. Smart, or boring. Whichever way you feel about the film, it likely says as much about you as it does about the film and its maker.

Either way, if you fancy watching either film (and in the case of China, there is black leader in between sections because the film is designed to be seen in small chunks), then please do!

Here are the links:

… and…

Beg Steal Borrow Films on Vimeo

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Beg Steal Borrow has added its first four features to Vimeo for viewers to watch for free.

Please go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and see our first four features for free!

Please go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and see our first four features for free!

Anyone who has had a chance, therefore, to catch En Attendant Godard, Afterimages, Common Ground or China: A User’s Manual (Films) is welcome to go to the Beg Steal Borrow Vimeo page and to watch the films there.

Please pass on the word – and enjoy the films!





China: A User’s Manual (Films) gets IMDb page

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Beg Steal Borrow Films’s last effort, China: A User’s Manual (Films) has been granted its own page on IMDb.

To see the page, follow this link here.


The film is a travelogue written by Christian Bouche-Villeneuve as he travels around China with his companion, Sancho Panza.

Christian’s musings and letters to and from Sandor Krasna form the soundtrack to the film, as we see them go in search of the real China and to understand what on earth what on might mean when one says ‘the people’.

China: A User’s Manual (Films) discovered and presented by Beg Steal Borrow

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In 2006, filmmakers Christian Bouche-Villeneuve and Sandor Krasna allegedly sent the footage taken in this movie to filmmaker Sir Hamlet Auberjena.

Auberjena recently sent the film on to Beg Steal Borrow, knowing that we are film lovers.

Although no one by the name of Christian Bouche-Villeneuve or Sandor Krasna has – to the best of our knowledge – claimed to know anything about the film, we are presenting it to interested parties (first DVDs available now).

Although the film is presumably unfinished, we have decided to follow what appear to be the original filmmakers’ intentions and to call the project China: A User’s Manual (Films).

We are not sure that we will submit this film to any but the most exclusive of festivals, but if you want to copy of the film, get in touch and we’ll try to get a copy to you.