En Attendant Godard (2009)

Beg Steal Borrow Films began with the decision to make En Attendant Godard in the summer of 2009.

William had been talking about making this film, and numerous other films, for quite a while – but this time he got up off his arse and shot it.

The film was made for about £2000 in total, and it tells the story of a young man who claims to be the son of French nouvelle vague legend Jean-Luc Godard. As he goes in search of his father with one girl and then two girls in tow, he finds himself wandering unwittingly into scenes from Godard’s films – and those of other renowned art house filmmakers.

Several months after completion, En Attendant Godard was lucky enough to be named as one of esteemed critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s Top Five Films of 2009 in Sight and Sound magazine – alongside films by Abbas Kiarostami and Alain Resnais.

This led to screenings of the film at CPH PIX in Copenhagen in 2010, followed by by screenings at the NorthWestFilmForum in Seattle, Washington, and at the newly opened ArtsEmerson Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it played alongside classics by Godard and Fritz Lang.

The film has also played at the University of St Andrews and at the University of Roehampton, London.

You can watch the whole film online here.

The full cast and crew of the film (taken from IMDb) is below:

Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by
William Brown

Alex Chevasco … Alex
Hannah Croft … Annie/Patricia/?
Kristina Gren … Kristina
Alex Berdugo … Mac
Anne-Laure Berdugo… Prostitute
Axelle Troubat … Prostitute
Christopher Bonnett… Foursome Man
Barnaby Rowe … Singer in the Woods
Benedict Morrison… Southbank Godard Fan
Tristan Olphe-Gaillard..Toreador
Gwenaël Goimard … Marxist
Jean-Luc Godard … Himself

Produced by
Charlotte Wolf …. producer

Cinematography by
Tom Maine

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