Who We Are (Behind the Camera)

Beg Steal Borrow Films is basically William Brown’s gig – and others would be foolish permanently to join him, not least since they have their own ambitions and trajectories.

Nonetheless, its existence would be impossible to contemplate without the input and help from various collaborators. So here is the team on the production side of things…

William Brown
writer, director, editor, producer

William thinks he’s like Jean-Luc Godard

In addition to making films, William is also a film scholar, having written numerous essays in academic journals and books. He has written a book on special effects cinema called Supercinema: Film-Philosophy for the Digital Age, and, with two other authors, a book on human trafficking and cinema. He has also co-edited a collection of essays on film and the philosophy of French genius Gilles Deleuze.

In addition to his own films, he tries to help out on others’ productions and writes screenplays that he hopes will get made with bigger budgets and perhaps by him, but not all by him. You can see some of his online writings here.

Tom Maine

cinematographer, lighting, electrician, one-man-crew

Tom on a shoot – looks like Cornwall

Tom supplements the zero money that he makes from Beg Steal Borrow films by working as an electrician, a gaffer, a DoP and various other roles on productions big and small across the nation. He also helps out at the National Film and Television School. But cinematography is where Tom is at – and what he does best. That said, he also directs a mean documentary – so keep on the look out for his work…

Beg Steal Borrow would be nothing without T-Maine.

Beyond that, we have had support from numerous people across various of our productions, including wonderfully talented and independently successful people like Deanne Cunningham (Afterimages, Common Ground), Charlotte Wolf (En Attendant Godard), Andrew Slater (Common GroundThe New Hope), David Miller (The New HopeThe Benefit of Doubt), Alexandra Brown (Common GroundUr: The End of Civilisation in 90 Tableaux), Annette Hartwell (The Benefit of DoubtThe New Hope), Julia Poliak (Ur: The End of Civilisation in 90 Tableaux), Alya Soliman (This is CinemaLa Belle NoiseThe New Hope 2), Guy Farber (This is CinemaThe Benefit of DoubtLa Belle Noise), Ben Johnson,  and the ever-supportive Oliver Campbell.

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