Beg Steal Borrow Films is basically William Brown’s gig – and others would be foolish permanently to join him, not least since they have their own ambitions and trajectories.

Nonetheless, its existence would be impossible to contemplate without the input and help from various collaborators. So here is the team on the production side of things…

William Brown
writer, director, editor, producer

William thinks he’s like Jean-Luc Godard

In addition to making films, William is also a film scholar, having written numerous essays in academic journals and books. He has written a book on special effects cinema called Supercinema: Film-Philosophy for the Digital Age, and, with two other authors, a book on human trafficking and cinema. He has also co-edited a collection of essays on film and the philosophy of French genius Gilles Deleuze.

In addition to his own films, he tries to help out on others’ productions and writes screenplays that he hopes will get made with bigger budgets and perhaps by him, but not all by him. You can see some of his online writings here.

Tom Maine

cinematographer, lighting, electrician, one-man-crew

Tom on a shoot – looks like Cornwall

Tom supplements the zero money that he makes from Beg Steal Borrow films by working as an electrician, a gaffer, a DoP and various other roles on productions big and small across the nation. He also helps out at the National Film and Television School. But cinematography is where Tom is at – and what he does best. That said, he also directs a mean documentary – so keep on the look out for his work…

Beg Steal Borrow would be nothing without T-Maine.

Deanne Cunningham
producer, motivator, child minder, sound

Deanne relaxes on the roof beach in Camden

Deanne has produced two films with Beg Steal Borrow – Afterimages (2010) and Common Ground (2012) – while also having an acting part in The New Hope (2015). She is otherwise currently a script editor, having worked on series as prestigious as The Tunnel and Utopia.

She has worked for both the BBC in London and Shed Productions in Glasgow for a number of years. Deanne has also won places on some pretty prestigious training schemes, and produces shorts outwith the Beg Steal Borrow remit with other up and coming filmmakers.

Oh, and Deanne is also a trained lawyer, so watch out.

Andrew Slater
producer, sound, crisp man, the funny bone

Andrew about as close to Chris Hoy as he’ll ever get

Andrew is, oddly enough, one of William’s former students – but he has since gone on to do what William always wanted to do but never could: work professionally in the media. Andrew has worked for various companies including the BBC, where he has been in charge of researching which documentaries might get made. And he has also worked for Ross Kemp and has plenty an anecdote to share about the world’s most dangerous TV presenter (BAFTA-winning, Andrew would add). Andrew’s also met David Beckham on a gig once – so you know he’s hit the big time. In addition to producing Common Ground, Andrew has also acted in Afterimages and The New Hope. That’s versatility…

Charlotte Wolf
producer, woman of mystery, pseudonymous

No one knows what Charlie looks like

No one knows who Charlotte Wolf really is. Well, that’s not true – we all know who she is, but it is quite possible that you don’t. Charlotte used to have a full time job in finance, but she now works on films as a researcher during the daytime as well as in the evenings and on weekends. She has directed a string of fantastic shorts, including Still Life (2010), Split (2011), Happy Ever After? (2013) and If (2015), which have screened at various festivals. She also directs music videos for up and coming bands performing in a variety of registers/genres, both in Canada and in the UK, and she also occasionally produces short films.

David Miller

Music man, jazz man, king of the keys

David is a jazz pianist who in his time has wowed crowds at various venues in the UK and Spain – with William fondly remembering a night at Barcelona’s legendary jazz club, Jamboree, where Dave ripped up the open mic night like something magical. David has provided music for Common Ground (in which he features as Nick’s pianist), Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux, and The New Hope. Hopefully we’ll work with him a lot more as time goes on…

Davros, as sometime he is called, is so good he might as well have wiiiiings.

Davros, as he sometimes is called, is so good he might as well have wiiiiings.

Alexandra Brown

assistant director, producer, transport provider, actor, amazing food preparation, general heroics

Alex is a former corporate lawyer turned landscape/garden designer turned lawyer and mother – and who has offered crucial support on Common Ground and Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux. It is her car that features in the former film – and which was the workhorse that lugged filmmaking equipment all across the capital in January 2012. And it is also she who forewent watching episodes of Poirot with her new husband to come and offer sterling work on Ur.

Alex also features briefly with her daughter, Ariadne Bullen, in both Selfie and The New Hope. We hope that she will continue to support Beg Steal Borrow in whatever ways she can in the future. Oh, and she is William’s sister.

Alex on honeymoon in the USA - with camera of course in hand for her own film productions!

Alex on honeymoon in the USA – with camera of course in hand for her own film productions!

Julia Poliak
assistant director, sound recordist, general whizz, especially with batteries

Julia is from the Ukraine, but is based in Germany, where she has been studying filmmaking in Berlin for the past few years. She has worked on numerous productions on the continent and in various capacities, as well as on Common Ground and Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux. She is particularly noted for her ability to get all manner of sounds separated out from ‘das KuddelMuddel.’ We have no doubt that she will go on to a highly successful career – pioneering a Ukrainean New Wave before the 2010s are out.

Annette Hartwell

Impromptu actor, camerawoman, producer, sommelier

Annette, who otherwise works in the City, features in Selfie, while having also helped to produce and accepting a last-minute role in The New Hope. Annette has an incredible sense of adventure, having lived in London, Paris, Boston, Bermuda and Hull.

Ben Johnson

Number one supporter – spiritual and financial

A silent partner of sorts, Ben is a keen Beg Steal Borrow patron, although we have not persuaded him to take part in a shoot yet. Nonetheless, given the right incentive, who knows? Although apparently Ben’s rider consists of eight different types of fish finger, all cooked to different specifications and accompanied by different condiments…