William Brown has written numerous feature-length scripts that remain unproduced (William has lost count, but there are roughly 30).

Some of these are would-be Beg Steal Borrow productions that we have not been able properly to schedule, but which would be made with the usual micro-budget/beg steal borrow/’guerrilla’ ethos (for example, a project called God Particles about three pregnant women living in London, and which we had hoped to film in the summer of 2014 – but which never got off the ground; we shot The New Hope instead).

However, some of these screenplays are for films that would – if produced – require significant budgets, and so which in many respects William is happy to write and direct, but would also simply be happy to act as writer.

These include:-

Kiss and Make Up, a comedy about a man who disguises himself as different people in order to remain close to his ex-girlfriend;


William Brown getting his Finalist award at the 2015 Oaxaca Film Festival for his screenplay, Kiss and Make Up.

The Caerphilly Story, a comedy about a wedding in Wales between a Hollywood star and a local barmaid, and featuring an amnesiac Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself – but incapable of remembering his real life from his movie roles;

Assisted Living, a drama about a visit to Worcestershire by two siblings and their partners for a weekend family reunion. Based on William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury and inspired also by the films of Arnaud Desplechin (especially his films featuring Mathieu Amalric as Paul Dédalus), it is about family bonds transcending clashes of personality;

Boxing Day, a drama that is a recreation of a real-life siege that took place in London’s Hackney area in late 2003 and into 2004 (at one point Idris Elba was interested in playing in this film – the falling through of which plan more or less directly prompted William to make En Attendant Godard);

And many more.

In addition, William has written two novels (Good Copy and Proving I Am) and a novella (The Heart of England), which likely will never see the light of day in terms of getting published – in addition to a raft of academic writings including books, edited collections, journal articles, book chapters, online essays, guest blogs and more.

In short, William enjoys writing very much. Or rather, he writes compulsively – and tries to enjoy the compulsion as much as possible.

Indeed, you can check out his film-related blog, wjrcbrown on film, here. That site also houses information about his more academic writing.

Keep an eye out for scripts appearing in pdf form here. Otherwise, you will occasionally read stories about the scripts in the News section.