Afterimages (2010)

Afterimages is the second Beg Steal Borrow feature. It was made with a budget of about £1,000.

It tells the story of Dennis, an introverted baker who one day discovers a mobile phone containing nothing but a video of a girl seemingly being raped by a gang of youths. When Dennis discovers that the kids are disaffected teenagers staging street crimes and the like to entertain themselves, he is drawn into a world that is far from the quiet existence he normally leads.

Afterimages has played at CPH PIX in Copenhagen in 2011, and there have also been screenings at the Film-Philosophy Conference in Liverpool and at the Deleuze Studies Conference in Copenhagen – both in 2011. It has also played at the University of Roehampton, London, and at St Andrews University in Scotland.

Writing in Sight & Sound‘s poll for Films of the Year 2010, esteemed critic Catherine Wheatley wrote that she would take a no budget film like Afterimages over a dozen jumped up pseudo-art house films anyday. Thanks, Catherine!

You can watch the film in full here.

The full cast and crew of Afterimages is (as per the film’s IMDb page):

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by
William Brown

Dennis Chua … Dennis
Ben Milne … Ben
Flossie Topping … Flossie
Nick Marwick … Nick
Andrew Slater … Andrew
Grant Stewart … Grant
Tommy Zyw … T-Man
Gumi Bako … Himself
Mary Andes … G20 Protestor

Produced by
Deanne Cunningham…. producer

Cinematography by
Tom Maine

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