The New Hope (2015)

Designed by the talented Angela Faillace.

Designed by the talented Angela Faillace.

The New Hope is the fourth fiction feature film from Beg Steal Borrow Films.

A contemporary adaptation of the first part of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel, Don Quixote, the film tells the story of a man who believes that he is a Jedi Knight, and who sets out to right wrongs across London – as well as to find Ewan MacGregor and to defeat him in a duel, thereby proving that he is the real Obi Wan Kenobi.

The film features Beg Steal Borrow stalwart Dennis Chua in the quixotic principle role of Dennis, while newcomer Alexander Krawec plays his Sancho Panza-esque sidekick, Hadrian Gutt.

Dennis and Hadrian Gutt stand in silhouette in Hyde Park.

Dennis and Hadrian Gutt stand in silhouette in Hyde Park.

Common Ground star Alastair Trevill steps in to play Dennis’ landlord, a doctor who seeks to return Dennis to sanity, and Annette Hartwell, who features briefly in Selfie, both produced the film and plays Dennis’ cleaner, Kristina.

The film also features performances from previous Beg Steal Borrow collaborators Alexandra Brown (UrSelfie), Ariadne Bullen (Selfie), Edward Chevasco (Ur), Gabriel Chua (Common Ground), Isabel Chua (Common Ground), Deanne Cunningham (AfterimagesCommon Ground), Alastair Hird (Common Ground), Grace Ker (Selfie), Nick Marwick (Afterimages, Common Ground) and Andrew Slater (AfterimagesCommon Ground).

Meanwhile Beg Steal Borrow first timers include Joshua Bessell, Julia Drell, Charlie Gracie, Ewelina Lipska, Lauren Lyle, Millad Khonsorkh, James Pitman, Greg Rowe, Lucia Williams, Tina the Dog, some ducks, a Boris bike called Boris and a scooter called Alecia Rose.

The film was shot almost exclusively in Hyde Park in August 2014, with some scenes in Soho and one in Highgate Cemetery, as featured in the film’s teaser.

Tom Maine acted as cinematographer for much of the shoot, which took much of its inspiration from the trash aesthetic of the fabulous Giuseppe Andrews.

Music is currently being added to the film, which should be ready for submission to festivals in early 2015. Regular composer David Miller is writing some compositions for various scenes.

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