Music Videos and Shorts

Beg Steal Borrow Films has since 2009 made various near-zero to zero-budget feature films, spanning both fiction and documentary. The group has also recently moved into making music videos and shorts.

Its first music video, ‘Boy In Uniform’ for band Extradition Order, was shot in December 2014, soon followed by another, ‘I Love an Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’, for the same band in March 2015.

In June 2015, we also made Letters to Ariadne #1: From Preston to Peristeri, a film that takes the form of a letter to William Brown’s one-year old niece.

In 2016, William moved into making the found footage video-essay for the first time, making the short film St Mary Magdalen’s Home Movies, a film about films shot/set at Magdalen College, Oxford – and which plays around with the idea that space has a sexuality.

In 2017, William directed The Sculptures of London, a film that asks what story is told by the public art of the UK’s capital when numerous works are put side by side. Shot by Tom Maine and with a voiceover from the wonderful Lissa Schwerm, the film hopefully introduces viewers to a different side to London.

In 2018, William finished Clem, an experimental film that mixes found and original footage in order to talk about the filmmaker’s relationship with his cat, while in 2019 William finished a new video-essay about the Golden Gate Bridge entitled Golden Gate.

We also hope soon to finish work on another short film, Sucker.

You can watch all of these below.

‘Boy In Uniform’ (2015)

‘I Love an Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’ (2015)

We are always keen to shoot more videos. If you have some music for which you want one, let us know!

Letters to Ariadne #1: From Preston to Peristeri (2015)

St Mary Magdalen’s Home Movies (2016)

Sculptures of London (2017)

Clem (2018)

Golden Gate (2019)

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