Beg Steal Borrow enters a new domain

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Beg Steal Borrow is pleased to announce that it has secured the new domain name for its website,

This means that Beg Steal Borrow is upgrading from being a WordPress site to its own, dedicated site.

This is simply the next step in the evolution of the enterprise from handmade beginnings to, well, slightly less handmade continuations.

Evidently, do check out Beg Steal Borrow on Facebook, as well. And check out the possibility of watching Beg Steal Borrow productions on Vimeo (hopefully to be announced officially in the near future).

Finally, do keep reading for updates on Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux, our forthcoming feature, and other projects here…

Informal feedback on Beg Steal Borrow films

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It is with great pleasure that I’d like to share some informal feedback that I have received on various Beg Steal Borrow films.

First of all, the great Mohsen Makhmalbaf contacted me briefly to write: “I like En Attendant Godard.”

Secondly, the prolific Josh Hyams also wrote to say that that he “thought your films are beautiful.”

And thirdly, the excellent academic David H. Fleming wrote to say:

China: A User’s Manual: I adored it. Really. It spoke with me. To me. It was like memories and thoughts I too have had. A prosthetic memory. Like I was on the back of the screen mirror. I knew some of the stories of course from talking to you. But they were also like reruns of my memories. Memories I did not know we shared. It’s so dense and yet light and free. Antonioni, Marker, the third-image. The epistolary form so like Montesquieu’s Persian Letters in light and sound. I had read almost all the books and stories you mentioned. Knew all the films and scenes you were referencing. The news stories and made up ones too. And recognised a China that I know and feel. I felt like you were talking to me. And wondered if it was not me, and I did not know you, would it be the same. We need to do something with this film out here.

“I really like Common Ground, too. Haunting… It was a dream-like recollection of Afterimages and to a lesser extend En Attendant Godard. Totally appreciate you sending them. A breath of fresh air.”

What wonderful feedback from such esteemed people. I am humbled, but also inspired by this feedback. Many thanks! Let’s carry ourselves with confidence to the next Beg Steal Borrow shoot, provisionally titled Endemic, scheduled for shooting in France in July 2013!