Afterimages selected for CPH PIX 2011

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Afterimages has played at the 2011 edition of CPH PIX in Copenhagen.

This page for the film at the festival can be seen here.

The Festival Guidebook reviews the film as follows:

Everyone talks about the digital revolution, but only few people do anything about it and make films for fun. English filmmaker William Brown visited CPH PIX last year with his charming Godard hommage ‘En attendant Godard’. This year, he returns with his brand-new film ‘Afterimages’, and again we can expect a simple and likeable film, shot on video with absolutely no money – but with the same energy and desire to make films that drove his French role models in the 1960s. Dennis, an émigré from Guatemala, who makes a living as a baker in the middle of nowhere in Scotland finds a mobile phone on the street. The telephone contains nothing but a video of a girl being raped by three hooligans in a forest. After seeing the clip without knowing what was happens after, he can’t forget it again. ‘Afterimages’ of the video have burnt themselves into his mind and so the good-hearted Dennis sets out to find the girl and the three hooligans. If you have a penchant for the particular British kind of solidarity for the man on the street (and for French digressions), then ‘Afterimages’ is good company.

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