Ur Kickstarter campaign a success!

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Beg Steal Borrow’s Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and post-production of Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux has been a success.

Within a week of launching the campaign, and thanks to the wonderfully generous pledges of numerous benefactors, £1,391 has been raised for Ur in just seven days.

A full list of benefactors will follow when the Kickstarter campaign reaches its close – in 24 days on 19 July (just before production for Ur begins in Monpazier, France).

But just because we have reached our target of £1,000, this does not mean that we cannot put to good use any money that further kind souls wish to pledge. Any money will be useful for the production of the film and/or for post-production costs like festival submission.

So if you are interested in donating, please do by following the link to the Kickstarter site here.

Ur is a film about six characters in search of a zombie apocalypse, a kind of art house zombie film set in the south of France. It features Beg Steal Borrow regulars Dennis Chua, Laura Murray and Alex Chevasco, as well as newcomers Edward Chevasco and Rosie Frascona.


Ur Kickstarter campaign launched

Beg Steal Borrow News, Uncategorized

Beg Steal Borrow has launched a Kickstarter campaign for our latest production, Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux.

The goal of the campaign is to raise some money (£1000 being our target) for the production, post-production and the distribution of the film.

For, while the film is pretty much in place in terms of its production, monies raised via Kickstarter will go towards equipment (need a new hard drive to edit, for example, as well as various props and funds for make-up, possibly some sound equipment), and those all important post-production festival entries!


It is not simply a case of supporting the production. All who donate money will be named in the credits to the film. All gifts of £10 will also earn their donor a DVD copy of the film when it’s ready.

Those generous souls who give more can also receive art work, t-shirts and canvas prints from the film. Check out the campaign website here for more information…!

Of course, the Kickstarter campaign is also intended to raise the profile of Ur as we move towards our production period and beyond. So if you fancy helping to spread word of mouth about this film, then please re-post this.

Ur is a film about six characters in search of a zombie apocalypse. It will be shot in a minimalist, art house style reminiscent of Joanna Hogg, Gus van Sant and the Lumière brothers.

The cast consists of William Brown, Alex Chevasco, Edward Chevasco, Dennis Chua, Roseanne Frascona and Laura Murray. The crew consists of Tom Maine (DOP), Julia Poliak (AD), Alexandra Brown, Ella Chevasco (make-up) and others.Image