More information about William’s films can be found on the page for Beg Steal Borrow.

Nonetheless, those interested might care to know that William has directed a few no- to low-budget feature films and shorts. For a full list, see below.

If you wish to watch any password-protected films, get in touch with William and he will happily provide you with the password.

As follows:-

Post-production: Mantis (feature)

A no-budget film about three female friends who reunite in the south of France in order to remember a lost friend.

Post-production: The New Hope 2 (feature)

A zero-budget and Jedi-themed adaptation of the second part of Don Quixote set in London and Los Angeles.

2019: This is Cinema (feature)

A fiction film about interracial and cross-generational relationships in the face of the neoliberalisation of higher education in the UK.

2019: Golden Gate (short)

A video-essay about the Golden Gate Bridge and its role in film history.

2019: The Benefit of Doubt (feature)

A retelling of the myth of Ariadne and a reworking of Jean Vigo’s classic A propos de Nice as a young woman rediscovers her identity while travelling alone in the south of France.

2019: La Belle Noise (feature)

An experimental film about actors and acting shot primarily at the Fest Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal, in 2018.

2018: Vladimir and William (feature)

A series of epistolary films exchanged over the course of 2017 and 2018 between Macedonian experimental filmmaker Vladimir Najdovski and William Brown.

2018: Clem (short)

A short experimental essay-film about William Brown’s childhood cat, Clem, as well as a contemplation of blindness, ruins, the self-portrait and Jacques Derrida.

2017: Sculptures of London (short)

An essay-film that asks what story it is that the sculptures of London tell us when they are put side by side.

2017: #randomaccessmemory (feature)

This is an essay-film about what it means to be in love.

2017: Roehampton Guerrillas (2011-2016) (feature)

A collection of short films curated by William and which constitute a selection of the best short films produced by participants in his guerrilla filmmaking workshop between 2011 and 2016.

2016: St Mary Magdalen’s Home Movies (short)

This essay-film reworks material from 13 films set at Magdalen College, Oxford, in order to demonstrate how filmmakers from different eras and background repeatedly return to similar themes and ideas – suggesting that the place itself has an identity, and one that in particular is defined by a queer sexuality/sensibility.

2016: Letters to Ariadne (feature)

A series of video-letters from William to his then-two-year old niece, Ariadne, offering her advice for and thoughts upon the world in which she is rapidly growing up.

2016: Circle/Line (feature)

A documentary that asks people at stops on the Circle Line of the London Underground whether they are happy.

2015: The New Hope (feature)

A wilfully anti-cinematic and Jedi-themed adaptation of the first part of Don Quixote.

2015: Ur: The End of Civilization in 90 Tableaux (feature)

Visually inspired by the actualities of the Lumière brothers, Ur tells the story of six characters in search of a zombie apocalypse in France’s Périgord region.

2014: Selfie (feature)

An essay-film that tries to understand the phenomenon of the selfie from within – that is, by taking moving image selfies every day for most of 2014.

2012: China: A User’s Manual (Films) (feature)

A homage to Chris Marker that involves a series of letters sent between Christian Bouche-Villeneuve and Sandor Krasna to, from and about China.

2012: Common Ground (feature)

A micro-budget feature film noir set against the backdrop of Occupy and in which a banker goes looking for his missing brother, who seems to have renounced capitalism.

2010: Afterimages (feature)

Set in Scotland, this film tells the story of an introverted baker who stumbles across a mobile phone the only contents of which are a video of a girl being raped by a gang of youths.

2009: En Attendant Godard (feature)

A docu-fiction about a man who claims to be the illegitimate son of Jean-Luc Godard, and who goes in search of his ‘father’ – while at the same time unwittingly finding himself enacting scenes from Godard’s movies.

William has also directed music videos for the songs ‘Boy in Uniform’ and ‘Eyesore’ for the band Extradition Order.







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