Just a brief blog post to round off the shoot for our Sculptures of London project, which now moves into post-production.

Tom Maine and I spent Thursday 15 June meandering across the centre of London to film our final 35 or so sculptures for the film.

Many were figural, but there seemed to be a clear elephant theme – with various other animals appearing, too. Perhaps the thick skin of the pachyderm reflects the thick skin that one needs at times to live in a city like London.

However, we did also get to see a penguin and a lion.

Neal French’s Three Figures, which features Terence Donovan photographing Twiggy in Bourdon Street, also was a highlight of the day: sculpture as theatre (while retaining a sense of the male gaze and the objectification of woman as Donovan hides behind his camera).

We also Charlie Chaplin (who features in The New Hope) and Agatha Christie.

Before seeing a selection of sculptures climbing up the outside of buildings – as per the lion above.

Work starts imminently on the post-production. We’ll let you know how we get along!

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