Afterimages screens on British TV channel

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Hot on the heels of the UK premiere of En Attendant Godard on, the channel has also screened Afterimages as part of their FilmFest at 8 season.

The screening took place on Freeview channel 8 or Virgin 159 in the Brighton area, as well as via livestreaming at, on 7 December 2014.

Beg Steal Borrow Films is delighted that the film was selected for screening – and hopes that some people managed to catch it while it was on.

The logo for, who screened Afterimages on 7 December 2014.

The logo for, who screened Afterimages on 7 December 2014.

In other news, En Attendant Godard has also been selected for screening at two places so far in 2015. The film will enjoy its Italian premiere at the Associazione Kilab in Rome on 28 February, before then being screened at B-Film at the University of Birmingham on 13 March.

What is more, Selfie also enjoyed a preview screening at the University of Roehampton’s Film Society on 25 November 2014, where it was greeted with an enthusiastic reception.

With Beg Steal Borrow beginning to submit Selfie and other new films to festivals, and with a screening of at least one Beg Steal Borrow film at the University of Lancaster arranged for May, let’s hope that 2015 marks the possibility for many more Beg Steal Borrow screenings!

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