Preparation under way for new Beg Steal Borrow films

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Preparations are under way for a whole slate of Beg Steal Borrow productions.

First off, there is a film called Selfie, an essay-film that blends fiction and documentary and which consists uniquely of selfies of/by William Brown. William has nearly finished all photography for this film, having been actively shooting during February and March 2014.

The film is a consideration of the selfie phenomenon – but made ‘from within’ (i.e. by taking selfies). Selfie features sequences shot in London, Basel, Paris, Seattle and elsewhere.

Beg Steal Borrow are also hoping to bring to production a pair of films over the summer. The first, tentatively entitled The Life Automatic, is about a young girl who must find her friend in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, in order to return to her some money that she has ropped.

The second, provisionally called The Rebirth of Metaphysics, is a London-based film shot in two parts, the first about a young boy who befriends a tramp, and the second about the rocky nature of the marriage of the child’s parents.

Cinematographer Tom Maine and director William Brown are also in discussion to find dates to begin shooting a vox pop documentary in London called Circle/Line, in which the filmmakers, in the spirit of Chronicle of a Summer and Le Joli Mai, ask Londoners how they are feeling.

Finally, various of the Beg Steal Borrow team have submitted an application to the iFeatures scheme run by Creative England, the BFI, BBC Films and Creative Skillset, in order to win money to produce William’s script, Assisted Living, which is a quasi-autobiographical account of a weekend-in-the-life of a middle class family in Worcestershire.

Fingers crossed that the application garners some interest!

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