Charlotte Wolf directs and Tom Maine shoots new Extradition Order video

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Beg Steal Borrow collaborator Charlotte Wolf has just released “A Shot”, her new music video for London-based indy band Extradition Order.

The video was shot by Beg Steal Borrow regular Tom Maine.

Extradition Order were also scheduled to appear in God Particles, a Beg Steal Borrow production that we had hoped would be filmed towards the end of 2012, but which for logistical and other reasons remains ‘in development.’

Keep an eye out for that film should it ever materialise…!

In the meantime, check out Charlie’s video here.

Charlie has also been busy of late shooting – again with Tom – the short film Happily Ever After?, written by Segun Murray Ogunsheye and featuring the voice of Nigel Andrews.

Happily Ever After? recently screened at the Vibe Gallery in Bermondsey, where it met with a very warm reception. It was made under the auspices of Firehouse Creative Productions, a collaborative network of filmmakers based in London and elsewhere.

Charlie has also been producing Insomniacs, directed by Charles Chintzer Lai and starring Vanessa Kirby and Imogen Stubbs. This project is in post-production, so more no doubt is to follow…!

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