Welcome to the current homepage for Beg Steal Borrow Films.

Beg Steal Borrow Films make uncompromising films on a shoestring.

Our films so far include: En Attendant Godard (2009), Afterimages (2010) and Common Ground (2012).

We look set to make more films in the future on whatever budget we can.

Beg Steal Borrow Films is run by William Brown, who is also an author on films. He works regularly with producers Deanne Cunningham, Andrew Slater and Charlotte Wolf, as well as with cinematographer Tom Maine. He similarly has a regular group of actors who collaborate on the Beg Steal Borrow projects, including Alex Chevasco, Dennis Chua, Hannah Croft, Kristina Gren, Nick Marwick, Laura Murray, Alastair Trevill and others.

To contact us, email begstealborrowfilms@gmail.com.